Alibaba Review 2017

Is Alibaba a scam website? This is a question that is likely to be on anyones mind upon first visit to the site. And its understandable- as the worlds largest B2B/B2C eCommerce platform, just navigating through the site can be overwhelming. Plus theres also the fact that most of the sellers on Alibaba come from China- a country which unfortunately has a reputation of being fraud-prone.

The Real Question
But NO- Alibaba, as a whole, is absolutely not a scam. Its immense popularity is a huge evidence of that. The question Is Alibaba a scam website? is actually kind of incorrect. Do take note that Alibaba is pretty similar to how eBay works, in the sense that it merely acts as a platform for third-party manufacturers and retailers to sell their wares.
The whole platform is not a scam- but the sellers can be. Here are a few methods to avoid transacting with scammy sellers on Alibaba:

#1. Avoid Free Account Members Like the Plague
As much as possible, dont do business with free members. Lim…